Step By Step Painting Membership by Tracie Kiernan

Step By Step Painting Membership

Are you looking for an ad-free format, more focused learning, BONUS CONTENT or simply a way to support the many wonderful tutorials that Tracie Kiernan creates each week? 

With this membership, you can access just that! 

SBSP Members Get Access To: 

  • A special member's feed with ad-free tutorials and enhanced embedded videos for easy 24/7 viewing. View the tutorials online in a more focused learning format with videos at the top. The video player will even hold your place if you leave and come back. 

  • One new BONUS tutorial each month that is not available for free on the main website. You love SBSP tutorials and want more! This makes for a total of 5 new painting tutorials each month (4 on the free site + you get the ad-free and 1 on the members site)! 

  • A member's traceable library with traceables sorted by seasons & categories. 

  • Request resize of traceables to any canvas size!

  • Invitation to our Private Member's Facebook Group! 

You can check out the member's library to see all the digital download painting lessons & ad-free tutorials you will unlock!

Interested in teaching paint parties? Learn about Small Business Membership.

SBSP Membership Is Great For...

  • Fans of Step By Step Painting! You would like bonus content while supporting the work Tracie Kiernan creates! 

  • Parents, art teachers & homeschooling families wanting to teach their children how to paint BUT wanting a more focused, AdFree & safe online viewing experience! 

  • A beginner painter wanting a more focused experience (free of ads). 

  • You love Tracie's PDF E-Book tutorials and want access to all of them! 

  • You would like to get an email every week with the entire new painting tutorial + traceable in it! You won't have to go searching for it on the website because it will all be there in your weekly email. 

  • You teach paint parties in your small business and need help coming up with new designs! Learn about small business membership here. 

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Hi There!

My name is Tracie Kiernan and I am the creator, artist and owner of SBSP With Tracie Kiernan! I reside in Phoenix, Arizona and am a mother to three boys. I am a certified Elementary Art teacher and have taught all ages and skill levels for over ten years. Acrylic paint has always been my favorite medium and I believe anyone can learn how to paint and create beautiful art. Welcome aboard this painting journey! 


What all is included in the membership?

Check out the member's library to see!

You get: 
  • Instant access to PDF Painting Tutorials
  • One new BONUS painting tutorial a month (a total of 5 each month because I release 4 free tutorials a month). 
  • Access to Ad-free painting Tutorials & Painting Videos in the member's feed. 
  • Access to my complete traceable library with PDF tracers sorted by seasons and categories + bonus traceables. 
  • Members get to request resize of traceables to ANY canvas size! 

Will this allow for-profit paint party use?

If you are interested in commercial use, you will need to subscribe to the Small Business Membership

Is there a contract?

Nope! There is no contract or any obligation. If you do not feel the membership suites your needs or budget, you can cancel anytime. If you do cancel, you will lose access to the member's portal & exclusive tutorials but can still follow my free tutorials on YouTube and my Blog! 

How often do you create new tutorials?

I make one new free tutorial every week and I release one new bonus tutorial for members each month for a total of 5 painting tutorials each month. 

When will I know when a new tutorial is published?

When a new tutorial is released, you will get an email with the entire tutorial in your inbox! There will also be a link to that tutorial. If you miss the email, you can also go to the member's painting library or your member's feed anytime to access the new tutorial!

What materials do I need?

You can check out my supplies page here! This includes a complete list of recommended acrylic painting materials. I use economic student grade supplies that are readily available at Michaels, Amazon or your local craft store. 

Is there a Facebook group?

Yes! There is a private small group for  members.

Are the lessons live?

No. All my painting lessons are pre-recorded! My teaching method is self-paced so that you do not feel rushed. You can access these tutorials & videos anytime of day 24/7! You can start and stop videos which means you can take a break from your painting and come back to it. The video player for members will hold your place for you if you leave and come back!

What age range & skill level are these tutorials for?

All ages! I have adults that love doing the kids tutorials and I have kids that do my more advanced adult tutorials! My painting tutorials are intended for beginners and are your typical "paint and sip" style of painting. They are simplified and many include traceables! 

Yes I'm in!

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